Prime Healers FAQs


Where do Prime Healers provide service?

Currently Prime Healers providing medical equipment on rent in Bangalore only.

What kind of Medical Equipment you provide on Rent in Bangalore?

We provide Oxygen ConcentratorsBipap machineCpap machineOxygen cylindersWheelchairsHospital Bed, etc. for rent in Bangalore

How can I order or book service?

You can book through our website or write email or just whatsapp or SMS or call us.

Do you take any deposit for renting Equipment?

If you are resident of Bangalore we do not take deposit. We need one address proof.

My patient need oxygen supply 24 hours, what is recommended?

Better go for oxygen concentrator which can be used for 6 hours continuosly and provide 30 minutes rest. And one oxygen cylinder 10 litre or 50 litre as standby which can be used during interval time.

How many hours 10 litre oxygen cylinder will last?

Usually oxygen is given at the rate of 1 to 10 litre per hour. Hence it depends on rate. Ex: If it is recommended to use at 2 litre per hour it will last for 5 hours.

How many hours 50 litre cylinder will last?

If it is used at 2 litre per hour it will last for 25 hours

What to do after oxygen become empty?

Inform us 4-5 hours before by reading the meter. We will supply refilled one. Refill cost + transport cost is additional.

Do you have portable oxygen?

Yes. 10 Litre capacity come with stand. Which can be taken in car or bus or train.

Do you have portable oxygen machine?

Yes. Battery backup will come up to 2 hours.

Do you provide Head elevation bed and how it is operated?

Yes. It will come with a lever at foot end. The elevation can be done by rotating it. It is called semi fowlers bed.

Do you have Head & Foot Elevation bed?

Yes. it is called fowlers bed. It is available for both purchase and rental in Bangalore

Do you have 5 function bed?

Yes. Head end, foot end, height, trendleburg, wheels side railings cot. 5 function bed is available for rent.

Do you have remote controlled bed?

Yes. We have 5 function remote controlled medical ICU bed. Available for rent or purchase at best price in Bangalore.

Do you provide mattress along with bed?

Yes. We do provide coir mattress along with the medical bed/cot.

What is the thickness of the mattress?

It is 3 inch.

What material the mattress is made of?

It is coir material. If needed we can provide foam material also.

Do you have Air bed?

Yes. it is bubble air bed to prevent ulcer or bed sore. It run with power supply.

How to use Air bed?

It has to be spread on the mattress. It has to be connected to the electricity.

Are the equipment are hygienic?

Yes. We use disinfectants and clean them very often.

If I take for one month and return it after 15 days will I get discount?

No. Full rental is applicable.

Will I get support during rental period?

Yes. Any breakdown or service related issues we will support you.


Durable Medical Equipment For Rent

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Rent 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator


Rent Oxygen Cylinder 50 ltr


Rent 10 litre Oxygen Cylinder


Rent 4.5 litre oxygen cylinder