Wheelchair on rent in Bangalore & Delhi

Buy or rent wheelchair in Bangalore & Delhi now from Prime Healers. Wheelchair on  rent is provided by us at best price. Book today and get home delivery within 12 hours.

Rent Electric Wheelchair/Power Chair


Rent Recliner Wheelchair With Commode


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Wheelchair on rent in Bangalore & Delhi

Prime Healers provides high quality best branded all kinds of wheelchairs for sale and rent in Bangalore at best price. We have motorised wheelchairs, Standard foldable wheelchairs, Recliner manual Wheelchair, Wheelchair with commode.

Motorised and recliner wheelchairs are more comfortable and can bear weight up to 120 kgs. 

Prime Healers provide home delivery of the wheelchairs in Bangalore. Wheelchair rental from us is very reliable and cost effective. 

Wheelchair on rent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should rent Wheelchair?

Renting wheelchair helps in cutting cost especially when you needed it for short period of time. And also you can get high quality wheelchair at very less price.

Do you provide wheelchair for rent in Bangalore & Delhi?

Yes. Prime Healers provide foldable wheelchairs for sale and rent in Bangalore & Delhi. We provide home delivery also within 7 hours of placing order.

Do you have foldable wheelchairs?

Yes. Wheelchairs are foldable and light weighted.

Do you have wheelchair with commode?

Yes. Under Wheelchair rental service we provide wheelchair with commode or your can buy also.

Is recline Wheelchair is comfortable?

Yes. They are more comfortable than other wheelchairs.

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    Why you should hire Wheelchair?

    When you have a short term requirement for wheelchair, renting will help. Renting wheelchair is cost effective. You no need to worry about its maintenance and storage. Once the requirement is over you can return back. Easy delivery and pickup process. The wheelchairs require periodic maintenance. When you hire a wheelchair we will take care of those maintenance part.