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All types of BiPAP Machine for rent available in Bangalore and Delhi. Purchase at best price. Home delivery available. Contact Prime Healers today at 07975708181.

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BiPAP machine for rent and sale in Bangalore
Affordable BiPAP machines for sale

Product Description

Pressure range (hpa):- 4.0 – 45.0, Operation temperature: 24, Weight of machine: 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg, Model: St6, Power: 240w, Voltage: 230 V, Display Mode: 1, Continuous working time: 24 x7, Warranty Period: 2 years, SPO2 range: 80% to 100%, Saturation Level: 93% to 100%, Auto Shutoff: Yes, LCD Screen: Yes, Tube Length: 2 mtr, Condition: New, Inspiratory time: 10 seconds Most searched keywords are bipap machine sale in Bangalore and bipap machine for rent in Bangalore.

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- Varsha Malya

What is BiPAP Machine?

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure shortly called as BiPAP is almost similar in function and design to continuos positive airway pressure (CPAP machine). It is non-invasive therapy for patients who are suffering from breathing difficulty especially sleep apnea. BiPAP provides pressurized air through a mask. The machine prevents collapsing of trhoat muscles and reduce obstruction by inducing pressurized air.

Who requires BiPAP Machine for rent?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by BiPAP machine?

BiPAP means Bi-Level Positive Airway pressure. BiPAP machine provides pressurized air to the patient’s airway through the mask. The air pressure through machine prevent the throat muscles from collapsing and clear obstruction. The machine is being used when there is difficulty in breathing due to any ailment by using pressure modules.

The machine senses the pressure and optimizes the breathing by switching between the two modes.

You doctor can tell you which BiPAP machine needed for you and prescribe the pressure setting. You can rent BiPAP based on consultation of your doctor.

There are various types of BiPAP Machine available with up to three operation modes. The doctor will decide on which type of BiPAP machine rental is required to the patient.

The types are listed below

Renting a BiPAP Machine or buying is very easy now. You can contact Prime Healers to rent BiPAP Machine in Bangalore at best price. Prime Healers provide BiPAP machine on rent and sale at best price.

We supply BiPAP on rent in Bangalore to patients who require it within 7 hours of order. BiPAP machine rentals start from Rs. 6500 onwards for Automatic machine.

BiPAP rentals helps patients to prevent invest of huge money for purchase. Especially when BiPAP is needed for short term getting BiPAP on rent will cut down expenditure.

Also Renting a BiPAP will help in testing as a trial before purchasing it. If anybody want to convert BiPAP rent to own it is a good idea.

When rent BiPAP from prime healers no need to worry about service and maintenance.

You can get the BiPAP on rent from us by placing an order either by calling us or book online. You have to get prescription from your doctor about the setting and model of BiPAP needed. Our staff will deliver and set up accordingly.

Once the purpose is served you can return the product by intimating us 1 day before.

We have various brands. However majorly we promote 2 brands viz. Oxymed and Philips considering the reputation, stability of brand and quality of product.

We can provide the mask how it is available for purchase. The cost should be paid extra from that of rental price of BiPAP.

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Leading Medical Equipment Supplier & Home Healthcare Service Provider

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