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Burn fat without losing muscle: Best tricks to get it easily

Tricks to burn fat easily

Did you know that it is possible to burn fat while increasing muscle mass ? One of the great myths is that it is impossible to achieve both situations at the same time. However, you should know that it is possible, as long as you follow the following recommendations so that in 30 days you can see remarkable results.

Understanding your metabolism: become a machine to burn fat and optimize muscle

First, you must understand the mechanisms by which you will be able to reduce adipose tissue and increase muscle mass. In itself, you should know that there are many biochemical reactions in your body that can lead to both situations.

The fact of increasing muscle mass is based on the intake of foods rich in protein and the performance of physical activity, mainly. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to synthesize new muscle fibers. Also, it is possible to promote this situation with adequate supplementation (hence many bodybuilders and athletes drink protein shakes and BCAAs during the day). On the contrary, to lose muscle , your body must degrade or synthesize less muscle than gained.

Now, you should know that to burn fat , you also need a caloric deficit . In this way, your body will take advantage of these reserves for energy.

What hormones are these two mechanisms going to be involved? For example, we can mention testosterone, insulin or leptin . Many of them are “turned off” when physical activity is not performed or an adequate diet is not taken. In a way, its action favors both biochemical processes. For example, when you adopt good habits, insulin is regulated and unlocks fat burning.

But, despite everything, do you know what the disadvantage of these processes is? That does not adapt equally in each person. Thus, in “street” athletes who train strength or who have just started weightlifting, they can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time with ease. However, bodybuilders who have been training for a long time will have more difficulties, since their own body will have generated an adaptation and will cost them more to gain volume.

Discover the keys to how you can burn fat without losing muscle

One of the greatest difficulties of exercising and undergoing a strict diet to lose weight is to burn fat without losing muscle . Losing weight to generate energy and maintain all the proteins in muscle tissues are processes that, although performed at the same time, do so independently. This is the reason why if you want to burn fat without losing muscle today we bring you some tips to achieve it. Are you ready? Go for it!

  1. Breakfast : if we fast for a long time or skip a meal, the body will begin to lose stored fat and muscle. To avoid this we must have a good breakfast, which implies integrating all food groups into breakfast: 25% protein, 25% cereals, 20% fruits and 30% vegetables are ideal.
  2. Decrease calorie intake : this is another of the tips to burn fat without losing muscle . The healthiest thing is to eat low-calorie foods that help you reduce your usual consumption. Reducing about 500 calories a day is more than enough to avoid destabilizing the body. Some studies have indicated that daily calories can be reduced by 1000 if you exercise three times a week. This way you can lose 9 grams of fat and keep muscle mass intact.
  3. Control in the consumption of proteins : proteins are essential to have strong and defined muscles. That is why it is important to control your consumption. The ideal is to consume 1.2 to 1.7 grams of them per kilo of our body.
  4. Light exercise : when our goal is to burn fat without losing muscle, the most important thing is to lift little weight but, to compensate, do more repetitions.

Many people think that losing weight loses muscle and fat . Really, when you are in kilo calorie deficit, it is true that you lose weight, but your body will be in charge of choosing what fuel to burn: muscle or fat. Depending on the type of diet and physical activity you do, your body will burn predominantly one tissue or another.

Physical activity

If you do not perform activity, your body will end up degrading fat and also muscle before caloric deficit. Therefore, it is important not only to perform cardiovascular exercises but also to strengthen muscle gain . For example, Treadmill running, lifting weights can help stimulate growth hormone , which is responsible for synthesizing muscle tissue and degrading fat. You can also monitor your heart rate using fitness trackers.

On the other hand, during these 30 days, intersperse HIIT type exercises or burst training that can help you stimulate the metabolism even more. These exercises are performed at very high intensity with very short periods of rest. Thus, you allow the body not to “get used to” the same training plan and in the end it does not take effect.

Protein food, but without fear of carbohydrates

Of course, you should always base your diet on nutritious food . 500 kilo calories of a cake is not the same as four chicken breast fillets. In any case, proteins will be necessary to synthesize the muscle . Try to choose foods from which you can obtain complete essential amino acids, such as eggs, chicken or the combination of rice and legumes.

On the other hand, even if your diet is high in protein,You should not discard the hydrates in your diet . It seems that these macro-nutrients are very undervalued in the world of fitness. However, you should consider that they are necessary to avoid entering the so-called “metabolic tomb” or stagnation during the weight loss process. So, during this 30-day challenge, for example, you can add 2 days a week with a higher percentage of carbohydrates than in proteins.

Of course, you should consider that if you make very drastic plans , staying in an extreme caloric deficit for a long time, you can lose fat and muscle. This does not mean that you cannot try the so-called “intermittent fasting” to promote your muscle growth or fat burning, but that you should consider having an organization and plan adapted for you with a nutritionist or dietitian.

In conclusion, it is possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time . Of course, the best thing is that you go to your trusted sports gym where professionals in sports and food await you to help you achieve magnificent results. They can monitor your calories, evaluate your progress and tell you the best exercises for you. Dare to get your best version!

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