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Tips For A Healthier Pregnancy

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Giving birth to a healthy baby depends on how it was conceived. How a woman takes care of herself during pregnancy has a great impact on the baby’s development inside the womb. This is why parents often visit their doctor to ensure that the baby is in a good condition.

This post is for first-time parents who only have a few ideas about healthy pregnancy. The following tips are crucial from conceiving to giving birth which will benefit both the parents and the baby.

  1. Educate yourself.

Understanding your pregnancy journey may take time but at least aim to get to know the basics. Use an essential tool, such as a birth plan, which contains all important details from pregnancy up to the time of childbirth.

The birth plan includes your wishes upon giving birth, like who will go with you in the delivery room and even the smallest detail of clothes you want your baby to wear. The truth is that voicing out these things at the time of birth is unattainable. Start keeping a baby’s due date calculator with which you can track your baby’s progress until the due date.

And also, consider the difficulties that may arise to think of solutions ahead of time. Keep the birth plan as detailed as you can. Share this with your doctor and families so that they too will understand your needs.

  1. Exercise

Exercising during and after pregnancy gives off many benefits. It prevents weight gain that may cause joint pain which can impact pregnancy. An active lifestyle will also result in better sleep quality and reduce mood shifts. Such things prepare your body for labor and will help you recover quickly.

Do not decide on your own but ask doctors which fitness routine will work for pregnant women. They might recommend less than three hours of aerobic activity each week, including yoga and walking exercises. Keep yourself hydrated and do not be overly active as it may not be good for the baby. Most importantly, be extra careful and take a break now and then.

There are so-called Kegel exercises designed for pregnant women. This routine strengthens muscles that are essential upon giving birth. It includes the pelvic floor muscle that is connected to the vagina, uterus, and other vital parts to support pregnancy. The exercise can be done anywhere and it is best to start the moment you know about the pregnancy.

  1. Eat Healthily

Research about pregnancy diet to ensure you are getting the right nutrients along the journey. It may differ from the normal diet, by which you must increase iron and calcium intake to develop a healthy baby.

Only take supplements prescribed by your doctor to ensure it is safe. These are mostly multivitamins to nourish both you and the baby.

Most failed pregnancies are caused by eating unhealthy foods which can be avoided with proper knowledge and discipline.

  1. Eradicate Bad Habits

Any kind of vices can harm a baby and will put the pregnancy at risk. For instance, smoking and alcohol drinking both have a huge impact on the baby’s health. If asking for professional help will direct you to stop the bad habit, then go for it.

Dealing with drug addiction during pregnancy is a more alarming case. It may be legal in some countries, however, not good for the baby. While too much caffeine intake can lead to miscarriage. Pregnant women who love to drink coffee may limit it to less than 200 milligrams daily.

  1. Frequent Weight Monitoring

It is mentioned how weight gain can impact pregnancy. This is why during prenatal checkups the doctor always monitors your weight. It may cause health problems that make giving birth more complex. It also concerns the baby’s growth inside the womb which may come out underweight.

Gaining weight is normal for pregnant women. This varies wherein some parents have an allotment for weight gain while others must be on a diet seriously. Across the board, it is not wrong to gain weight during pregnancy but with regular checkups.

  1. Fertility Checkups

Having contact with an obstetrician will provide you with prenatal care. This is necessary to monitor your pregnancy until the day of birth, which includes your partner’s checkup as well. Take note of the days and weeks for each visit and do not miss out on even a single checkup schedule. A regular checkup will guarantee a healthy baby and it helps to estimate the day of birth.

  1. Beware of Lifestyle Changes

Doing house chores may require changes during pregnancy. Some tasks may not be safe, such as using toxic chemicals to clean the house, climbing ladders, and lifting heavy items. Maintaining a good balance while conceiving a baby is not that easy and may result in misfortunes. Pregnant women are urged to let someone else do the chores for better safety.

In case of yard work or any task that could make dirty hands, frequent washing will keep you away from possible toxins to avoid harming the baby.

Final Words

Going through a pregnancy journey is a bit complicated. There are several factors you need to consider from the beginning to after giving birth. Sadly, some couples had a hard time conceiving a baby due to infertility issues. One of the best remedies is the First Fertility IVF treatment which guarantees a higher success rate than other procedures. Call a doctor and ask if this treatment will work for you.

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