Tips For Caring For An Aging Relative

Do you have an aging relative who needs looking after? It is hard to see someone that you care about start to struggle with their independence and health. Although it is natural and a part of life, it is a cause for concern and it is important that you take action to help as best you can to improve their life and wellbeing. It can be a sensitive and delicate subject that needs to be handled tactfully, but there are a few handy tips to keep in mind that should make it easier and help you to improve their situation moving forward. Keep reading to find out more.

Talk To Them

The first step to take is to start a conversation with the elderly relative about the situation. Obviously, this needs to be handled delicately, so you should bring the conversation up privately, somewhere that they feel comfortable and when you have enough time to have a discussion. Crucially, be sure to listen to them and keep their wants/needs in mind when making any kind of decision.

Arrange Non-Emergency Medical Transport

If you decide that the best option is to relocate your elderly relative either to live with you, to downsize, or move them to a care facility, you will find that this can present many logistical issues. Arranging non-emergency medical transport with Angel transport is the best way to move someone that has limited mobility and/or health issues as all of the logistics can be handled by a specialist and they will benefit from care from a Registered Nurse from door to door.

Create A Support Network

When you have a relative that is struggling, you need to make sure that you have a support network so that they can get the care that they need without it impacting your life too much. Other family members, friends, neighbors, and even the postman can help to keep an eye on your relative and keep you updated on how they are doing.

Identify The Key Challenges And Find Solutions

You also need to identify exactly what challenges they are facing in their life and then find the best solutions. As an example, if you notice that their fridge is always empty and they are losing weight, then arranging a weekly food delivery will help. If they are struggling to keep up with household chores and/or their personal hygiene, you may want to discuss bringing in a home carer for them.

Teach Them How To Use Modern Tech

Teaching an elderly relatives how to use a smartphone, social media and the internet could greatly improve their lives and in more ways than one. Not only will this make it easier for them to stay in touch with you and other family members, but it can also help them to feel more engaged and connected to society – many seniors suffer from isolation, loneliness, and anxiety, but tech could help with this.

Check-In And Arrange Visits

Following on from this, you should also check in often to see how they are doing. You need to check in to see if they are getting worse or need more help, but you should also arrange fun visits and take them out – an elderly relative will never want to feel like a chore, so you should make sure that your visits are social and enjoyable for all and try to involve them in any family events.

Discuss Future Living Plans

If their health is deteriorating or they are losing independence, it is a good idea to have discussions about their future living plans well in advance. The best solution will depend entirely on your circumstances, but the main options are having them move in with a family member, having an at-home carer, or moving them into a care facility. The latter is usually an idea that is resisted and seen as being drastic, but actually, it is often the best option for the relative. This is because they can benefit from 24/7 specialist care, but many of these communities can also provide privacy along with great facilities and a social life that can give a senior a new lease on life.

Attend Appointments With Them

You should also offer to attend any appointments that they have with them. Not only is this a way to provide moral support for what can be a daunting experience, but you will also find that it is a good opportunity to speak with their doctor and to ask any questions that you have. Forming a relationship with their doctor will be hugely helpful moving forward and will help you to find the best ways to help.

Caring for an aging relative that is in need of help is not easy, but it is important and you will want to do all that you can to help. The above are a few of the best ways that you can do this that will hopefully help you to make a difference in their life and put your mind at ease knowing that they are getting the care that they need.


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