Top Questions To Ask Potential Assisted Living Communities

Whether yourself or a loved one are either considering moving to an assisted living facility, or else have already made the decision and are currently looking for the right area and facility to suit, it can be somewhat bamboozling when it comes to knowing what to look for and what to ask.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top important and most pertinent questions to ask potential assisted living communities.

How Is The Social Calendar Organized?

Naturally, although every resident in a certain assisted living facility lives alongside each other and forms bonds, connections, and even deep and meaningful friendships, every individual is unique. Therefore each has different needs, wants, and desires which staff will endeavor to always fulfil.

More importantly, like anyone else wherever they live, sometimes a resident will want to fully engage with every single activity of the day, and other days they will prefer solitude in their own personal and private space.

It is, therefore, crucial to ask the staff of any and all prospective assisted living communities to provide you with a detailed itinerary of their social calendar and to find out how residents go about attending and participating in the various activities.

Is There A Medical Doctor On-Site 24/7?

Naturally, one would hope you or your loved one will rarely require the services of a medical professional.

However, if a situation did arise whereby treatment was a time-dependent commodity, then it is strongly advisable to choose an assisted living community near me that always places a strong emphasis and prioritization on the constant presence, or at least close proximity, of various medical staff.

Is There A Safe & Natural Outdoor Space For Residents?

Not only should each and every potential assisted living facility that you are considering be aesthetically attractive with a spacious layout, but one crucial element you must enquire about is that of safe and secure outdoor spaces that are available to residents.

There is a wide plethora of incredible benefits to spending time outdoors in the fresh air and immersing oneself in all that the natural world has to offer, for everyone regardless of age or situation.

Such benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreased levels of stress and anxiety
  • Restored capacity for attention, focus and concentration
  • A reduced propensity to become irritable and ‘lash out’
  • A decreased blood pressure
  • A way to relax and unwind
  • An increase in dopamine production and levels of endorphins in the body

What Is Security Like Onsite (Especially During The Night)?

Depending on the specific focus and specialism within a certain assisted living facility, the security in place on site will either be more constant and visible, or simply in the background, never really referred to and even more rarely needed.

However, if the facility is currently housing residents who, for example, are living with one of the various memory-based disorders, then to prevent one or more residents becoming disorientated and confused, it may well be the case that the exterior gates are locked most of the time.

How Advanced Is The Available Technology For Residents?

Another consideration when choosing the right assisted living community for yourself or your loved one is the presence, availability and accessibility of computers and Wi-Fi connections.

It may well be that your loved one has no interest in using the internet, but if they do communicate with friends and family members through e-mail or messaging applications within social media platforms, then such a method of communication will help them to feel connected and still involved in the lives of their loved ones.

How Are Mealtimes Organized?

Another exceedingly important consideration when choosing the right assisted living community is to do with the levels of nutrition provided, the care given and approach to the preparation of meals and snacks for the residents.

In particular, if your loved one has specific dietary requirements or allergies, it is crucial to ask staff members how the food is prepared and how much time and energy is given to ensuring each and every meal contains nutritious, delicious and healthy foodstuffs.

Are Family & Friends Able To Visit Freely At Any Time?

Naturally, when enquiring as to when you and other friends and family members of your loved one are able to visit them in their new home, it is reasonable to assume that, for security reasons as well as the fact that nearly all of the residents will be sleeping (except for the party animals), visiting stops at nighttime.

However, assisted living facilities that actively strive to make the life of each and every resident as entertaining and fulfilling as possible will be more than happy and even actively encourage relatives of residents to join in with day trips, activities and community events.

Are There Provisions For More Intensive Care If Needed?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions to voice when taking a comprehensive tour around potential assisted living communities and it is important to fully understand what would happen if your loved one does require either temporary or more permanent intensive medical treatment and care.


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