4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against all of the viruses and bacteria that you are exposed to every day. It’s also what protects you from the elements, the sun’s rays, and the rain.

Keeping your skin is a priority if you want to maintain good health overall, and it’s a great way to stay looking younger for longer.

Use moisturizer

As we get older, our skin doesn’t retain moisture the way it used to. This can mean that it becomes dry and damaged more easily. Dry skin is susceptible to cracking, and it can be sore and uncomfortable, too.

It can take a few tries to find the right moisturizer for you. Some things to think about are:

  • The skin on your face is different from the skin on the rest of your body, so you will probably need to get a different moisturizer for your face. Choose a moisturizer for your face that’s labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ as it will be less likely to clog your pores.
  • Consider your skin type when choosing a moisturizer. If you have naturally oily skin, then choose a lighter moisturizer. Likewise, if your skin is dry, then choose a thicker one.
  • Use a moisturizer that is made by a reputable company. This is a good way of assuring quality.

Use SPF every day

Yes, even in the winter. One of the leading causes of skin cancer and of aging of the skin is UV rays from the sun. UV rays can still damage your skin if it’s cloudy and if it’s cold outside, so it’s a good idea to wear sun protection all of the time, particularly on your face.

When applying sunscreen, pay special attention to the eye area. The skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of your body, and therefore more prone to damage.

Speak with an expert

YouthfulMD are skincare experts. They can help you if you have a specific skin condition that you are looking to treat or if you are just looking for a plan to keep your skin lighten and looking as youthful as possible.

Their service is provided entirely online, so you can have a consultation from the comfort of your home and come away with a personalized plan designed to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Wash your face before bed

It can feel like a pain to do this when you’re tired, and you just want to go to sleep, but it is important. Dirt and bacteria left on your face overnight can cause irritation and clog your pores, preventing breakouts.

Try a gentle face wash with anti-aging properties, as these products are the best for looking after your skin while also keeping it clean.

As you get older, washing your face too often can cause it to become dry and for wrinkles to become more pronounced. To avoid this, only wash your face before bed. In the morning, you can gently rinse with lukewarm water to maintain your skin’s natural oils.

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