5 Reasons Why You Need Tooth Extraction

Your smile is one of the first things people notice in you. A beautiful smile is considered a major factor in life success, specifically for relationship building and social settings. In addition, a white and bright smile is a gateway to healthy teeth and gums. So, everyone prefers healthy teeth permanently, but it is not simple and thus not possible for all.

Taking a lot of care is important to keep your teeth healthy. But, sometimes, tooth extraction is needed. Many patients feel uncomfortable and terrible about tooth extraction, so they decided to let it go, whatever the condition is. However, the untreated condition may also worsen the teeth situation, so dentists have no choice but the tooth extraction.

Healthy gums and teeth make it beneficial for you to enjoy your food. Unfortunately, multiple oral health complications can also affect your overall health as well. However, taking good care may keep your gums and teeth healthy as you age.

I have encountered plenty of reasons why tooth extraction is needed? Some major conditions may create such circumstances that left no other option except to pull off teeth during extraction procedures.

Here, I have compiled these common reasons of tooth extraction!

  1. Damaged Teeth

You may encounter any accident or traumatic injury that damages your teeth badly or if you grind your teeth and don’t wear a night guard. Typically, many kinds of teeth injury may be the reason of tooth extraction, such as:

  • Fracture (Tooth breaking)
  • Luxation (Tooth Loosening)
  1. Gum Diseases

Some patients are surprised to learn that worsen the condition of gum diseases leads to tooth extraction. Untreated disease conditions will prove to be destructive for the teeth. In fact, these diseases also cause tooth decay. As proceeding gum diseases affect supporting bone, gum tissues, and ligaments gradually degenerate.

If the tooth structures deteriorate, gradually, teeth loosen. Progressively, these diseases cause the teeth to fell out eventually; if not, they require tooth extraction and replacement.

The chronic form of gum disease is known as “Periodontitis,” that dentist should treat timely. If these complications are not treated or ignored continuously, this infection may lead to painful chewing issues, bleeding gums, sore throat, or sometimes tooth loss.

To prevent these gum diseases, you can simply follow these rules:

  • Brush your teeth 2-times a day and prefer to use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss Daily and take a balanced diet
  • Quit smoking because it increases the risk of periodontitis
  • Visit your dentist routinely
  1. Overcrowding

In some cases, overcrowding is also the reason of tooth extraction. During orthodontic treatment, tooth extraction is also required when there is no room for the tooth to realign and move. Your dentist will examine the crowded teeth, and if there is enough space to move and realigning for straightening the teeth, extraction may be required.

  1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay leads to extraction when it hurts the pulp at the tooth’s center, making it susceptible to any inflammation and bacterial infection. If root canal procedures do not treat the infection, it may require tooth extraction to protect nearby teeth.

Dry mouth is also a primary reason of tooth decay, leading to fungal infection and cavities in the mouth.

  1. Impacted Teeth

The impacted teeth do not erupt past the gum line. Merely, the teeth partially erupt, so considered as impacted teeth. There are many causes of tooth impaction. However, some reasons of the tooth impaction are:

  • A tooth emerges in a displaced manner
  • A tooth emerged at an odd angle
  • A tooth emerges overcrowding
  • All these conditions lead to impacted teeth

In some cases, the wisdom tooth is impacted as the jaw is not giving enough space to accommodate these teeth.

These are the common reasons why dental healthcare professionals suggest a tooth extraction. This information aims to keep you updated about your oral health and preserve your existing tooth as long as possible without any damage or disease.

Call your dentist if you have any emergency

Increasing teeth issues may need dental extractions, so call your dentist if you are experiencing any one of these reasons. Delay your visit may cause other oral cavity complications. In this modern era, tooth extraction becomes a pain-free procedure. So, there is no excuse left behind not to visit your dentist.

It is comforting now that the dentist can easily extract the teeth and not experience any pain. The tooth extraction procedure starts by applying the local anesthesia to ensure that patient feels no pain but only pressure.

The dental extraction instruments offer tooth extraction with no pain. In addition, these instruments will help the dentist to protect the entire mouth from any injury during tooth extraction. So, they make sure your dentist could flash your beautiful smile without any worry with the high-quality dental instruments.

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