A Guide to Portable Oxygen Concentrators

What: This article highlights the benefits of using portable oxygen concentrators along with their factors and oxygen concentrators for people.

Why: The purpose of the article is to provide readers with an effective guide on portable oxygen concentrators.

For every individual, oxygen is a vital part of life. Any hindrance or imbalance can pose a severe and potentially fatal threat. Such individuals dealing with breathing-related issues have to rely on oxygen concentrators to meet their oxygen needs. These machines can hinder one’s flexibility in maintaining a work-life balance. This is where portable oxygen concentrators come in handy. With the advancement in the last few years in the world of medical devices, Oxygen concentrators have seen radical improvements in terms of oxygen output, mobility, and size.  They are designed to be small, compact, and lightweight to adapt to your busy life.

Before going further into the topic, let us understand what a portable oxygen concentrator is and how can it be useful for us.

What are Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

A portable oxygen concentrator is a transportable medical device that facilitates the intake of air for individuals dealing with breathing-related issues. Those experiencing diminished oxygen levels in their blood require an oxygen concentrator to meet their oxygen intake demand. These machines do not require frequent filling making it easier for people to carry out their day-to-day activities.  Today there are many variations of oxygen concentrators available in the market. There are stationary ones that can be used in homes and also portable ones that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrator

1. Supply Oxygen Treatment for the Elderly

Ageing comes with retarded organ functions. Organs like lungs will lose their rhythm and cause irregular breathing and are often required to have supplemental oxygen to meet their requirements. This poses a challenge for senior citizens. A portable oxygen concentrator which is not only lightweight but also very efficient can be useful for senior citizens as it allows them to have that freedom of doing the things they want to do.

2. Assist with Breathing Problems

An oxygen concentrator is built to provide assistance with breathing problems. They can be used in any case scenario, be it mild or severe. It helps to open pathways for the air to pass through easily and maintain oxygen levels in the blood.

3. Accelerate Recovery For COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 affects the individuals’ lungs and breathing patterns. It causes pneumonia, which fills the air sacs with fluid which causes shortness of breathing and uncontrollable coughing. A portable oxygen concentrator can be used to give relief to the patient in the early stages of the virus and decrease the need for invasive ventilation treatment.

4. Managing Blood Oxygen Levels

The oxygen level in blood indicates how well organs like the heart and lungs are working in the circulatory system. An average of 100% to 95% is considered healthy as all the red blood cells in your body carry oxygen towards your tissue and organs. Anything below can severely affect the overall health of an individual. This can be solved by using an oxygen concentrator to maintain balance in the blood. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

1. Oxygen Output and Refill Frequency

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while purchasing oxygen concentrators. Different individuals have different oxygen needs so it is very essential to select the concentrator that matches your prescribed oxygen flow rate. Also, ensure that the chosen device has an adjustable flow setting, this allows you to customize oxygen delivery based on your needs. 

2. Portability and Battery Life

One key benefit of a portable oxygen concentrator lies in its capacity to supply oxygen while on the move. It is necessary for us to evaluate the machine’s battery life and portability. ALyas go for lightweight, compact, and battery-efficient oxygen concentrators. The longevity of battery life is required to keep up with your oxygen demand throughout the day.

3. Noise Level

Noise can significantly affect the user’s overall experience. It is more important for the portable oxygen concentrators to be less noisy so that it can even be used in public places and while sleeping. It is very important to find a balance between practicality and functionality. Always opt for the less noisy and more efficient ones.

4. Maintenance and Cleaning

As with any other medical device, portable oxygen concentrators also require maintenance and occasional repairs. It is essential to factor in the availability of maintenance support for the device, warranty, and access to replacement parts. Go for a reputable brand that is trusted by many people. Additionally, consider choosing a device that is easier to clean and requires minimal maintenance. 

Top 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrators

1. Inogen One G5

Price: INR 2.45-2.80 lakhs

Weight: 2.16kg

Battery performance:6.5hr- 13 hr

The Inogen One G5 is built with efficiency in mind. It is lightweight, compact, and very efficient with battery use. It can last up to 13 hours on a single battery charge if it is using a double battery. It has 6 flow settings and is very adjustable to meet everybody’s needs. It also has a Bluetooth monitoring feature that connects to the Inogen app.

2. Oxymed P2

Price: INR 1.4 lakh – 1.5 lakh

Weight: 1.98kg

Battery performance: 3hr – 10hr

It is a lightweight oxygen concentrator available on the market. It has 5 flow settings and can offer up to 10 hours of battery backup. It is designed for daily use and is very user-friendly. It has a warranty of 3 years on the device and 1 year in sieve beds and battery.

3. Philips SimplyGo Mini

Price: INR 1.7 lakh- 1.9 lakh

Weight: 2.3 kg

Battery performance: 4.5hr – 9hr

It is another lightweight device that is second in terms of battery performance with Inogen One G5, but is a perfect travel oxygen concentrator. It has 5 flow settings. It also has a touchscreen feature, which makes it convenient to use and operate. It also comes with a carry case perfect for travelers.

4. SeQual Eclipse 5

Price: INR 2.8 lakh – 3.2 lakh

Weight: 8.3 kg

Battery performance: 5.4 hr

The SeQual Eclipse 5 offers 9 flow settings along with a continuous flow of 3LPM(Liter Per Minute). It has an average battery performance and backup. It is very heavy and is not suitable for travelers, even with its mobile cart design. But the weight is compensated by its unbeatable performance, which is why it is still preferred by many. So it is often used as a mobile home oxygen concentrator.

5. Invacare Platinum Mobile

Price: INR 1.4 lakh – 1.6 lakh

Weight: 2.26 kg

Battery performance: 3.5hr -7 hr

The Invacare Platinum Mobile comes with a convertible bag. It has an easy battery swap process without disturbing the oxygen flow. It has 5 flow settings and is quite efficient with the battery life.


In conclusion, portable oxygen concentrators are life-saving devices for people with breathing difficulties. It is essential to buy the one that fits your requirements and lifestyle. Always opt for the one that has excellent oxygen flow, great battery performance, and variations in flow settings. This ensures the adaptability of the machine’s functionality to your changing needs. These machines are an investment in your life, so do not be stingy to save money. GO for the one that has the best efficiency and is relatively affordable. Spend some extra money on the maintenance gear and cleaning equipment as well. This will ensure the device lasts for a longer time. For convenience, you can also rent an oxygen concentrator if you don’t want to go through a buying hassle.  

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1. What is the Difference Between Portable Oxygen and Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

The portable oxygen has a finite amount of oxygen stored in the tanks which is inhaled by the user before it runs out. On the other hand, a portable oxygen concentrator filters the surrounding air to generate medical-grade oxygen.

2. Who Needs Portable Oxygen?

People with chronic lung issues and respiratory problems often require portable oxygen concentrators to meet their oxygen needs.

3. How Long Can You Use Portable Oxygen?

They typically last around 7-8 hours depending upon the amount of oxygen stored in the tanks.


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