Hospital Bed Rental: Everything You Need to Know

What: The article explains various aspects of renting hospital beds for home use, including types, benefits, and cost considerations.

Why: This article provides proper guidance for patients and caregivers, exploring hospital bed choices for home-based recovery.

Are you thinking about renting hospital beds with delivery services for your home? Hospital beds for home use allow you or your loved one to recover from any health issue. These beds are different from normal beds because their movement can be adjusted for comfort.

Hospital bed rental can be extremely useful whether you need them for short-term recovery or long-term care. If you are considering renting a hospital bed for the first time, there are several important factors to know beforehand.

Selecting the right hospital bed is important for comfort and safety while recovering. Understanding different types and features helps you choose the most suitable bed according to your needs.

There are mainly four types of hospital beds for rentals:

1. Standard Hospital Beds

These are the basic types of beds for everyday use. They have adjustable head and foot sections for comfort. It is also perfect for patients who can move on their own.

2. Low Hospital Beds

If you are concerned about safety during sleep for someone prone to falling then this hospital bed is a good choice. These beds are set closer to the ground which minimizes risks of falling.

They can be adjusted to move head and foot sections with side rails for safety. These beds are best for patients who are affected by mobility issues.

3. Bariatric Hospital Beds

If you need extra support for your overweight body then bariatric hospital beds are a great choice. It is designed bigger and stronger to support more weight. They have adjustable settings for height and position to ensure your comfort and safety.

4. Pediatric Hospital Beds

If you have children needing medical bed rental at home then you can choose this bed. Pediatric beds are made with safety rails and adjustable features that ensure the safety of your children. It has a special mattress which offers pressure-reducing options for burn care or longer stays. Bed Sizes are also available according to different age groups.

Benefits of Hospital Bed at Home Rental

1. Comfort and Convenience

A hospital bed offers more comfort and safety for the patient than the usual home bed. It allows you to adjust the height, and head and foot sections to ensure patient comfort. They also include side rails to enhance safety. This choice offers a secure and comfortable recovery space in your own home.

2. Enhanced Safety

Some patients are paralyzed or have other issues related to body movement. For those patients, hospital beds offer safety features. Features include movable side rails to prevent falls and adjustable height for comfort. It enhances convenience for both patients and healthcare providers.

3. Customized Care

Hospital bed leasing is designed to meet patients’ specific needs. It offers a variety of options, from simple manual beds to more advanced electric beds. Each bed is designed for different health requirements. So you can choose the bed that suits your medical needs and preferences.

Additionally, many hospital adjustable bed rentals provide over-bed tables, foam mattresses, and trapeze bars to make recovery more comfortable and convenient.

4. Cost-Effective

Buying a new bed can be expensive for temporary use. By renting medical beds, you can get high-quality equipment without paying any startup costs. Rental charges are more reasonable and can be adapted to your exact needs and budget.

Additionally, many rental companies handle maintenance and repairs by themselves which saves you time and money.

5. Flexibility

Hospital bed rentals provide flexibility options for the duration and place of use. You can choose a rental duration based on your needs like a few weeks, months, or even longer. Also, lots of companies make things easier by offering services like delivering the bed, setting it up and take back when you’re done.

Space Planning for a Hospital Bed

The available space at home decides what kind of bed you can rent. If there is a big space then there are lots of choices and if it is small then get a space-friendly bed. So, measure your space to ensure the hospital bed you choose fits comfortably.

Hospital Bed Rental vs Buying a Hospital Bed

When you decide to rent a healthcare bed and buy a hospital bed for your house then it’s important to consider the benefits and uses of each.


Renting a Hospital Bed

Buying a Hospital Bed

Suitable For

Short-term use, like post-surgery recovery.

Long-term use, extended periods.

Initial Cost

Lower upfront cost.

Higher initial cost.


Can return when no longer needed, save space.

Permanent ownership, no need to return.



Economical for short-term needs.

Cost-effective in the long run for extended usage.


Limited options, typically standard models.

Choose a model that perfectly suits specific



In conclusion, when you are searching for a hospital bed for recovery at home, then renting is highly beneficial. According to the experts from CDR Engineers Australia, hospital bed rentals provide balanced comfort and functionality, which is crucial for patient care at home. These beds also offer safety and flexibility, which makes them suitable for both short-term and long-term use. It is also cost-effective for temporary needs and maintenance is often handled by companies.


1. Where To Rent a Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds are available for rent at medical supply stores, home health agencies, local hospitals, and online rental companies. They offer a variety of hospital bed options and typically include delivery, setup, and instructions to use the beds.

2. How Long Will It Take to Get a Bed Delivered And Set Up At Home?

Delivery and setup of a hospital bed at home usually take 24-48 hours, with variations depending on stock availability, location, bed complexity, and the supplier’s schedule. If you need it urgently, then some companies can deliver and set it up on the same day.

3. How To Use a Hospital Bed Safely?

To use a hospital bed safely, follow these steps:

  • Always follow the instructions given on the bed.

  • Check often for any parts that are loose or broken.

  • Set the bed height and side guards right to avoid falls.

  • Use the bed’s moving parts carefully.

  • Make sure the wheels are locked when the bed is not moving.

  • Ask for help from a nurse or doctor if you’re not sure how to use it.



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