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Common Myths About Liposuction That Need Debunking

Lipo section myths

Despite the fact that it is already widely known in the world, cosmetic procedures are still considered as a taboo topic in our society. This is mainly because this topic lacks enough discussion, which in turn, makes it as something that shouldn’t be talked or discussed about – even though most people has gone through it.

With this in mind, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world is liposuction. We have heard about it many times already – may it be on the television, a magazine, or a social media post. But for starters, what is liposuction?

What is liposuction?

Liposuction, or most commonly known as lipo, is a type of cosmetic procedure in which excess fat is removed in a person’s body. This is usually done when fats do not get reduced with constant diet and exercise.

This procedure is commonly done on a person’s face, arms, belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, or back. Undergoing liposuction will enhance and improve a person’s overall body shape.

Moreover, some liposuction procedure can be done with some plastic surgeries such as breast reductions, facelifts, and tummy tucks.

Who can undergo the liposuction procedure?

If you are thinking of getting a liposuction procedure, you should be in good health and shape before you can undergo this procedure. Doctors don’t usually do this if a person has health problems such as blood flow problems, diabetes, heart disease, and a weak immune system.

With this being said, here are some things that you should be in order to avail liposuction:

  • Have a firm and elastic skin
  • Be at least 30% of your ideal weight
  • Non-smoker

Common Myths About Liposuction That People Need To Stop Believing

Like many other cosmetic procedures, there are numerous myths about liposuction that isn’t true at all. One significant factor of these myths is because of media and all the false advertising that they have put out in public. Because of this, people has misunderstood the true essence of liposuction – from what it actually is, what it really does, and what its results truly mean.

With this being said, here are some of the common myths about liposuction that you should stop believing now.

  • Liposuction means losing weight

One of the most common myths about liposuction is it can make one lose weight when in reality, this procedure isn’t designed for weight loss. Liposuction should be considered as a body contouring method – which is why this procedure is solely meant for people who are within 30% of their weight goal.

What liposuction really does is to help you remove excess fats that won’t go away even with constant diet and exercise. In addition, this should be taken after you have shed a lot of weight and still has stubborn fats in some parts of your body that won’t shift away. As a result, this procedure enormously helps you to achieve the body shape that you have always wanted.

However, there are some special cases wherein liposuction is done with overweight individuals. This is because this procedure will greatly help them to become more active, which in turn, will aid them to be motivated to start their journey to a healthier diet and exercise regime. Nonetheless, liposuction is still not a weight loss tool nor a substitute for a weight loss program.

  • Liposuction will keep fat away

Though it is true that liposuction will surely last for a considerable amount of time after the procedure, this does not mean that this will prevent you from being fat-free forever.

Given that undergoing liposuction will immensely reduce the number of fat cells in some areas of your body, keep in mind that some of your cells will remain unscathed. With this in mind, these remaining fat cells can and still expand and contract which leads to more body fat.

  • Liposuction reduces cellulite

Most of the people who are interested in going through the liposuction procedure are the ones who want to get rid of their cellulite. Unfortunately, liposuction cannot reduce nor remove cellulite as it is extremely difficult to treat.

What liposuction can do is to improve the appearance of cellulite by removing excess fat and smoothing the areas where your cellulite is apparent. However, keep in mind that this is still not guaranteed.

  • Liposuction isn’t a surgery

Another liposuction myth that most people believe is that it’s not an actual surgical procedure, when in fact, it is considered as a surgical procedure. Once you undergo the liposuction procedure, you will be receiving sedation and a recovery period is required – which are some of the characteristics of a surgery.

  • Liposuction has no recovery period

Given the fact that a liposuction is a form of surgery, undergoing a liposuction procedure means that it needs a recovery period. The fact that some areas of your body will swell since it has gone through the process of liposuction, it means that you need to take a couple of weeks off to let it heal completely.

  • Liposuction is only for women

One of the biggest misconceptions about liposuction is that it is solely meant for women only. In fact, it is quite popular with men too! What makes liposuction different from men and women are the areas that it focuses on. For women, liposuction is usually done in the hips and thighs. On the other hand, liposuction for men are usually centered on the stomach and chin area. With this being said, liposuction is for all genders.

Key Takeaway

Knowledge is indeed a powerful tool, most especially in the cosmetic world. Just like technology, cosmetics are also upgrading constantly in order to cater to the different needs of people – whether it may be for body shaping, contouring, or weight loss.

Now that you are equipped with the right facts about liposuction, you can now decide if this is the right cosmetic surgery for you. There are numerous places where you can avail liposuction in Kansas City. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment now and be ready to be the best version of yourself!

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