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Gemstones with Health Benefits

Gem stone for health benefits

Since the beginning of humankind, people have been turning to crystals for their healing powers. Many believe that the earth provides everything we need to survive and remedy our ailments, and this includes the beautiful gems, stones and crystals from the elements. A single gemstone can capture the light of the sun and moon and can transfer the energy to us which we turn into healing powers. Healing crystals and gemstones have a long history and have been worn by warriors, priests and royalty and have also guided the light for many ancient civilisations.

In the modern world, this is a dying belief, but for many who do believe in healing crystals, they are only getting more potent as time grows. Many believe they can be extremely powerful and valuable assets for connecting to the natural state of the world. These gemstones and crystals help us channel our emotions and raise vibrations and can help to bring out the best in you that you have hidden away. Everything holds vibrations, and if we align ourselves with the vibrations of the things we want in life, it is easier to manifest these in our lives. In this article, we will go through some key gemstones and their healing properties.

What do crystals do?

Gemstones and crystals for hundreds of years have been believed to have healing properties. From beautiful amber Citrine and clear Quartz to soft lilac hues in Amethyst, there is no denying that some crystals have some strange energy to them. Many cultures have believed that some stones could be used to help certain symptoms. Other cultures would use crystals in their spells and others would use them to enhance their courage when in battle. Chakra aligning powers and vibrational energies all stem from crystals.

What are crystals used for?

There are many different ways in which people use crystals and gemstones, and there are multiple methods of abstracting their power. The great thing about crystals is the fact that not one size fits all and your journey is completely unique to you. Whether it’s for aligning your chakra or manifest intentions or to harmonise your body and balance emotions, each stone can help with various needs. Even the colour of a crystal plays a part in the healing capabilities. Here are just some of the ways in which gemstones are used:


Some crystals have strengths and can have their healing power called upon, these strengths can help to manifest intentions. Intentions are your aims and goals for what you want for your life. This could be from craving deeper connections and wanting more money and wealth to better mental health status. It could even be for wanting help to forgive yourself or let go of past traumas. These stones can help you feel better and more at peace with yourself.

Chakra Realignment

Across our body, it is said that we have seven energy points which are known as chakras. This energy is pictured as spinning discs and these disks can get blocked. Using healing crystals and their vibrations can help to realign and unblock the movement of the energy. Different crystals are used for different chakras and it can be pretty easy to tell which stone is for which chakra from its colour. These chakras rise from the bottom of your spine to your brain and include the root chakra (red), the sacral chakra (orange), the solar plexus chakra (yellow), the heart chakra (green), the throat chakra (blue), the third eye chakra (purple), and the crown chakra (purple).

Emotional and Psychological Support

Another popular belief is that they can help with emotional and psychological support. Gemstones can help you to reconnect with blocked feelings and balance large emotions which in turn can help to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Does the shape of the crystal matter?

The shape of a crystal or gemstone can bring its own energy and can result in different ways you experience the healing and its powers. Examples include:

  • Point – helps to direct energy and is used for manifesting
  • Tumbled Stones – Stones can be placed on chakras
  • Pyramid – connects the heavens to the earth
  • Sphere – Energy comes from all sides
  • Cube – solid grounding energy

Gemstones and healing benefits

Ruby (Root Chakra)

Rubies help to encourage passion and the love of life. It is thought to improve motivation and promote the setting of realistic goals whilst also balancing the heart and instilling confidence. Rubies are seen to have many healing properties and many will wear ruby jewellery for this reason. For example, many who believe in this area of pseudoscience will often prefer a vintage diamond ruby ring as it’s not only beautiful but has its own healing powers.

Rubies encourage spontaneity, courage and joy and also help with positive dreams. There are many reasons why people choose ruby jewellery, but these are some of the key reasons why someone would wear or collect these beautiful healing gemstones.

Amber (Sacral Chakra)

Amber was born from trees that has be compressed for millions of years to turn into a crystal that has a wealth of earthly energy hidden inside it. Some pieces of amber have inclusions of insects and animals which make them extremely unique. The orange stone is a well-known pain reliever and is thought to have ancient wisdom within it. The gemstone stores energy from the sun and earth and can also become electrically charged if rubbed against silk or wool.

It is also thought that amber can aid in clearing inner pathways and promote positivity. It is also seen to increase spontaneity, strengthen intuition and reconnect us to our ancestors.

Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra)

The Orange variety of quartz is called citrine and has become extremely popular in recent years, especially in the jewellery department. If you are buying this for its health benefits, you should aim to get a real piece and in its most natural form to get the most benefits from it as many of the citrines that you see on the market today do not come out of the ground with this beautiful yellow colour. Brown quartz and purple amethyst are heat treated to create citrine and the colour of the stone.

Many will wear citrine for its possible health benefits as it is said to promote emotional well-being as well as increase positive energy. Others believe that it can heal physical ailments including hearing difficulties, digestive issues, insomnia and pain management.

Emerald (Heart Chakra)

Emerald is known for its regal hues of green and is thought to be a symbol of wisdom and wonder. The stone works in multilayered ways as it is tied with themes of balance, success for love of yourself and others and pairs with harmony. When wearing an emerald acts as a prophet’s gemstone which helps to promote wisdom as it helps you to listen to what your heart says and to listen to it more. When you trust your own heart, you start to trust others more which helps to build lasting relationships.

Aquamarine (Throat chakra)

Aquamarine is the colour of the ocean and is one of the most beautiful gemstones around. They are one of the largest naturally occurring stones and hold many beliefs in their power. It is also known as the throat chakra stone due to its blue hues. The gemstone is thought to help relieve anxiety and keeps you grounded. It is also thought to bring people to look and aid with eye, dental and digestive issues. It can bring happy feelings even in the darkest of times and helps to reduce fear.

Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra)

A stunning purple gemstone Amethyst is thought to promote strength, peace and courage. The benefits are also believed to promote certain healing. It has subtle quiet energy with peaceful calming properties. If you have anxiety, certain mood disorders or addictions, this stone can significantly help. It is thought to also remove frustrations, remove headaches and promote good sleep.

Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra)

Clear quartz is thought to be a master healer on a range of levels with its beautiful sparkling clarity. The clear gemstone helps to remove blockages within every chakra and ensures energy flows smoothly throughout the body. It also helps to bring out the best in your dreams and encourages a feeling of fulfilment.

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