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The human body is nothing but a collection of bacteria and enzymes. These bacteria and enzymes are good of course and help the body in many ways.

During the earlier years, scientists conducted a lot of experiments to help them understand the human body. To do so, they had to test animals as well. These experiments helped them understand, the functioning of the body.

Knowing What You Eat:

This is one of the most important things as this is what affects the health of your digestive system.

1. Eating fats – but healthy ones. Making sure that the body has the right kind of fat that is required by the body is important. Anything that is consumed by the body should be of the right quantity, healthy and clean. Consumption of excessive fats is not something that is good for the body, may it be the gut or for the basic functions.

2. Probiotics – these can be found in any basic item that we might have at home or as a drink. These help your gut in the process of digestion. Probiotics have certain enzymes that enhance the bacteria function’s in the body, hence making the digestion process faster.

3. Exercise – making sure that you exercise at the right time, is very important. This is necessary to make sure that the body does not reject the food. That is by making sure that you exercise about 30-60 minutes after your meal. Giving the body time to digest your food and making sure that you do not exercise right before you eat, as that can increase your hunger.

4. Fixed Eating Schedule – knowing what to eat and when to eat, is the most important thing. Having your meals on time helps give your tiny little enzyme and bacteria warriors time to digest your food and give you the energy that you need for the day.

5. Drink a Lot of Water – having the correct amount of water consumption is also important. As that makes sure that the body gets detoxed and stays hydrated. Plus, the body mostly consists of water, making all the basic functions dependent on it.

6. Have a Lot of Fruits – fruits contain a lot of natural sweeteners that the body needs and no artificial sweeteners that would do us harm. Having fruits also helps in providing the body with fibers and vitamins which increases the health levels of the body.

7. Avoid Highly Acidic substances – making sure that the chemical compositions that are in your food are a lot more important than we thought. That is because; our bodies already contain a lot of acids, those that aid in the digestive process and those that can cause us discomfort. Having the right kind of food helps in amplifying those acids that aid in the digestion process rather than those that cause us discomfort.

8. Add Soluble and Insoluble Fibers to Your Diet – consuming a sufficient amount of insoluble fibers provides the body with the right kind of roughage, which makes sure that the stool has the right amount of bulk, whereas soluble fibers ensure enough water retention and prevent the stool from being too watery.

Being aware of how our body reacts to things, knowing the smallest and the minutest changes that take place in the body; helps us understand why we behave in the way that we do and to know what to avoid next time and what is okay with our system. The proper functioning of our bodies and minds will take us a long way, which is something that we should have picked up from our ancestors; rather than ignoring it and trying to do what we think is right.

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