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How loose weight naturally and healthily staying at home

The continuous lock down and prolonged stay at home might have caused weight gain and in case you want to lose weight and make sure that your body will look great for years to come, then you’d better be prepared to work for it and have patience as good results never come fast. While it may take a few months to a year, even two, depending on your weight loss goal, you need to have in mind that taking one step at a time and allowing your body to unroll its processes in a normal and natural manner will make sure that you will maintain the desired body weight. Losing weight is not about shedding a few pounds fast, but actually, create a lifestyle that will help you look and feel great for very many years to come. Also, believe it or not, our bodies tend to an ideal weight, as we were genetically programmed to be fit. So, we just need to respect a few rules and our body will start ditching those extra pounds in no time.

Pay attention to what you are eating

Sometimes people simply make bad food associations that lead to their weight gain. If you are careful about what you eat and reduce to completely removing unhealthy foods from your diet, you will notice a drop in body weight almost immediately. Bad food associations mean eating bread and potatoes in the same meal, potatoes and meat, and others. So, instead, associate a nicely prepared steak with a salad instead or steamed veggies. Have a few slices of bread, whole-grain bread preferably, for breakfast, with avocado or a fresh salad. Also, making sure to avoid foods with sugar, corn syrup, with a high content of fats, and processed foods will help a lot as well. You see, processed foods bring no nutritious value to your menu, not to mention that they contain preservatives, flavors, and other chemicals. Sweets, unhealthy snacks, and sodas, on the other hand, have a high-calorie intake, which is bad for your body weight. So, when writing down your diet food list, fill it with fresh and frozen veggies, fresh fruits, whole grains, legumes, and skimmed dairy products.

Using the body’s natural processes to ditch extra pounds

The body is an incredible system that knows how to adjust its processes depending on what it needs and what is available. So, considering that carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body, do you know what it happens when you make them less available? When your energy consumption levels are high, like when adopting an active lifestyle in order to lose weight, but there aren’t too many carbohydrates in your diet, due to adopting a low-carb diet plan, then the body will start producing ketones. They are supposed to provide the body with the energy it needs, helping you lose weight while not feeling hungry. So, ketosis, the process that produces ketones in your body, is a natural metabolic process. There are even supplements to increase ketosis, so your body will function even more effective, but you should be careful not to reach high levels of ketones in your body, which can be the result of an extended period of ketosis, as too many ketones can be toxic.

Drink Water

When we thought that water is just for cleansing and hydration, we actually have been wrong for the longest time. Water is not just a blessing for survival but to those who are trying to lose weight as well. Studies have proven that by drinking half a liter of water, calories burned increase to 25%. By drinking pure water before meals, the calorie intake is reduced. And finally, this is a very good alternative to soda or high-sugar beverages.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting may right away sound dreaded but it is not as depriving as it sounds. You do not necessarily restrict calories, you only regulate your eating pattern. You may opt for the eat-stop-eat, 5:2 or 16:8 method or the other methods that are not very hard to follow. The good news is, weight loss is could not be the only result of this. There are several health benefits this diet poses. This increases growth hormone that poses another line of benefits. This lowers down insulin level thus facilitates the burning of fats. This can even lessen stress and inflammation of the body.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

This shouldn’t be very difficult. Most people love fruits and vegetables are also now becoming a fad. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients but with a low energy density, Because of this, one is able to eat big servings without taking in a lot of calories. Those who eat more of this, weigh less than the meat eaters. Come to think of it, this produce also give a healthy glow to the skin that should perfectly go well with a lean and healthy body.

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