Key Considerations When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are a great option for seniors who might need some help with their daily lives but who are still capable of living independently. With the services they provide, loved ones continue living happily and safely while enjoying their lives. There are numerous options available, which makes choosing a facility for a loved one more challenging. There are some key factors you should consider when looking, and this article will explore the most important of them.

Location of assisted living

Location is important because a loved one might have a preference of where they would like to live. The location also determines if you will be able to visit your loved one regularly. Additionally, the location can affect how the facility operates. Local law might prohibit some things, such as offering medication, and instead mandate that assisted living facilities only focus on the social aspect of these communities.

In urban settings, there is limited space, which means the rooms are often smaller and there is not a lot of green space. There is also typically no space for activities like gardening that some seniors find relaxing.

The Facility’s Size

The size of the facility will determine the number of beds it can hold, which affects other things like the environment and the level of care your loved one gets. Larger facilities tend to have better amenities such as swimming pools and gyms, but many of them suffer from staffing issues and shortages.

Staffing is crucial as it allows the staff to provide personalized care. This means that you should do enough research to find out the staff-to-patient ratio before choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one.


Residents living in senior assisted living facilities typically only need help with a few activities. These may include dressing, showering, walking, exercising, and tracking their medications. Many do not require specialized care and help as you would typically get in a nursing home.

The typical assisted living facility will offer services like housekeeping, dining services, different wellness programs, and exercise. However, some do offer specific services depending on one’s specific needs.

These services can include developmental disabilities help, and care for specific conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other types of dementia. For example, loved ones can get memory care Saint Louis at St. Louis Hills, which provides both assisted living and memory care services.

Most facilities will also provide a pharmacy and available pharmacist, physical and emotional support, as well as speech therapy. They do all this to improve the quality of life for their residents.

Ease of Transition and Transition Services

Transitioning from independent living to an assisted living community can be challenging for some people. This is why the facility should have transition services to help loved ones accept that moving to the facility is the best thing for them.

Also, it can be hard to think about what comes next after a stay at an assisted living facility. However, some people might need specialized services such as those offered in nursing homes after their stay at the assisted living facility. If the facility is large enough to encompass different types of facilities in one, it becomes much easier for loved ones to transition to these specialized care facilities.

Some facilities also work with other residential healthcare providers where the facility refers residents to the residential providers. Having the option for this type of transition can also help with long-term planning where you know what’s next for a loved one.

Activities and Events

A major reason why you might want a loved one to move to an assisted care facility is so that they stop being isolated and have people to socialize with. Apart from encouraging socialization, an assisted living facility should also have activities to help with the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of its residents.

Some of these activities might include gardening, art class, board games, and performances. Some facilities also offer outside tours to change the environment, so their residents do not get bored or depressed.

Cost of assisted living facility

You cannot ignore cost as one of the considerations. Whether you can afford to pay for the facility and how you will do it are both major factors to consider. Your budget will also dictate the type of living space a loved one will have, whether private or shared.

Those who have insurance might have limited options because the insurer will only pay for some facilities. Those who pay using other means will often have more options because they are in total control of what facilities they can choose.

You also need to consider whether the facility requires a monthly fee or an upfront charge. A huge upfront charge will make it harder to pick a specific facility if you do not have the resources to spare.

Amenities in the assisted living facility

It is very important to consider what to look for in assisted living facilities before considering further. As mentioned, large facilities will often have better amenities, but they are costlier. Some of these amenities include gyms, swimming pools, libraries, coffee shops, computer rooms, and game rooms. When choosing a facility ensure it has amenities your loved one will use so you do not end up paying for something they will never benefit from.

Choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one takes serious consideration and time. Think about your loved one’s needs and find a facility that caters to those needs.


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