Monkeypox: How are doctors planning to deal with this challenge?

Let’s skip the boring introduction. And come to the key points.

Monkeypox is spreading rapidly. “The current report of the World Health Organization says that the number of cases has crossed 20% in the last week by reporting 7500 new cases.”

However, the total number of cases till now is 35000 across 92 countries. But, nearly all the cases reported are in Europe and the Americas.

Monkeypox is not a new virus but an existing virus under the orthopoxvirus genus which is related to smallpox.

As a result, governments are taking necessary steps to control the cases and infections spread.

The first spot of monkeypox

The first human case was identified in 1970 in the African continent. In the beginning, there was no vaccine for monkeypox at all. The virus was just new like COVID-19.

Previously, western countries that paid less attention can learn so much from African scientists, they have studied monkeypox for decades.

However, the current spot of this virus was seen in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 19, 2022. And then it started spreading rapidly in European countries as well as in Asian countries like India, China, and so on.

The current outbreak suggested that the disease can be a kickstart to another pandemic as it is spreading rapidly. Monkeypox is not a novel threat as of now.

Why is monkeypox spreading rapidly?

The virus rarely occurred in the United States and has mostly been related to international travel or importing animals.

Currently, it is significantly spreading over the countries.

It spreads from person to person, coming in close contact with someone can mean meeting face-to-face(such as breathing, talking, and skin-to-skin), mouth-to-skin contact (such as oral sex or kissing the skin).

The current scenario is likely to be different. The recent cases of monkeypox have occurred among the person who has men-to-men sex (MSM).

As a result, CDPH(California department of public health) is closely watching and monitoring the transmission of monkeypox in the U.S.

The risk of monkeypox to the public is currently slowing down on the information available.

How are doctors planning to deal with it?

After Cord-19, doctors are in the action mode as they are always. But day by day the new challenges coming to healthcare are more likely to be difficult for doctors to deal with.

Automation in healthcare is necessary for better patients care.

Although, the doctors have treated patients well and the recovery rate of monkeypox is also good as well.

Normally, people who are infected with MPX recover in 2 to 4 weeks without the need for medical treatment.

Only those people who have weak immune systems and genital or rectal rashes need medical treatment.

Currently, “Doctors are focusing more on spreading awareness of the prevention of monkeypox. The more people are aware of the prevention the more they will stay protected and the chances of being infected become less.

Is the vaccine for monkeypox available?

There is no specific treatment or vaccine for monkeypox available yet.

But as the monkeypox and smallpox virus are closely related, medicine and vaccines developed to prevent smallpox can be used to treat MPX with the permission of doctors.

Although supplies are limited, get vaccinated if it is offered to you as it provides a protective shield against the diseases.

Tips and advice of doctors to prevent monkeypox

Monkeypox might start with flu, fever, low energy, and general body aches and within 2-3 days there might be a rash or sores can be seen in the person’s body. It can go through several stages before healing.

To keep yourself far from the disease and enjoy a healthy lifestyle you need to implement some of the advice doctors suggested like

  • Avoiding coming in contact with unprotected animals, especially the animals which are sick or dead.
  • Maintain distance, try to avoid coming in close contact with people who are suspected or confirmed
  • Keep washing your hands and avoid coming into skin-to-skin contact with anyone.

If you think you might be infected then isolate yourself and don’t come to anyone’s contact once you have tested negative.

Do spread awareness about monkeypox in your area to let people stay alert. The best thing a patient infected can do is isolate themself for some days or week and avoid coming in touch with people.

How does technology support doctors to deal with the challenge?

Technology has always been supportive whether it is in healthcare or any other industry. In this case, with the help of telemedicine tools or software like patient management software.

Doctors are getting support in treating patients without coming into one-to-one contact. Because the main cause of being infected with Monkeypox is by coming skin-to-skin or one-to-one contact.

There might be a risk of doctors also being infected.

As a result, it becomes easy for patients to get proper treatment using apps like telemedicine, and meanwhile, doctors can also consult patients hassle-free.


Although monkeypox is now spreading rapidly, there are many positive sides to this as we are prepared for this, after the virus-like COVID-19 doctors and governments are in alert mode.

And the use of technological solutions like telemedicine app development can be more effective to overcome the problems.

However, WHO is guiding governments to take necessary steps to slow down the infections. And they also succeed at some point.

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