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Top 4 Must-Have Fitness Equipment at Home

Due to COVID 19 it is not safe to go to gym now. It is advised to stay at home and practice your fitness regimen. Home gyms are gaining popularity due to the comfort and flexibility of time they offer to people. The freedom and flexibility people get in their home gym are not available in any other gym. When you create a gym in your home, you are free to add the equipment that is the most essential and beneficial as per your fitness goals.

Moreover, in the public gyms, one needs to wait for doing a specific workout if that exercise equipment is busy. On the other hand, the fitness equipment in your home gym is always free, which saves time, and you can complete your workout in less time. Another benefit of the home gym with a gym software is that you add only the equipment that is relevant to your fitness goals. To achieve your goals, you need specific equipment that suits your present fitness levels and strength. This post shares the top 4 fitness equipment that every home gym must have.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Today’s gyms have a long rack of dumbbells that have a variety of dumbbells of different weights, but you may not have that much space in your home. Dumbbells are great to increase the strength and tone your muscles, but you need to vary the weight for different exercises.

Adjustable dumbbells are the right solution for doing various exercises with a single pair of dumbbells. You can change the weight by adding or removing the plates and store them anywhere. For example, you can lighten the weight of the dumbbells for an arm workout and increase the weight for exercises like dumbbell press. Some adjustable dumbbells come with a storage rack which helps you to store them. The storage rack also prevents the dumbbells from unwanted rolling due to their weight. You can exercise your arms, chest and back using a single pair of dumbbells which makes them an essential part of your fitness equipment.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the best workout equipment. Being lightweight and compact they are easy to carry anywhere. They provide different levels of resistance for a wide range of workouts. One can perform a variety of exercises using the resistance bands for the upper body, core and the lower body.

You can perform multiple workouts for your arms, legs, core and chest by using different resistance bands. The resistance bands come with varying levels of resistance. You can use a light resistance or heavy resistance band according to your strength. The elastic exercise bands help you to perform the stretching exercises like planks, lateral raises, and walking which improves the flexibility and strength in the joints and muscles. Resistance bands are suitable for children, youngsters, and elders as they develop flexibility in the body. A flexible body is less prone to strains and injuries.

Multi-Purpose Mat

Tired of doing exercises on the floor of your home? You should try the multipurpose mat that provides you with a safety base to perform any exercise on the floor. You can do a variety of workouts on the mat like push ups, planks, crunches, sit-ups and the stretching exercises.

The yoga enthusiasts can also perform the yoga exercises on the mat with ease. The actual benefit of using a multi-purpose mat is that it prevents your body from the hard flooring and slipping on the floor. It provides a cushion for your back, which helps you to perform the sit-ups and crunches like exercises easily. The all-purpose mat offers you the flexibility to workout anywhere, as it is easy to roll and portable. You can roll it up, pack in a bag and carry anywhere. More you can wash them as they get dirty due to dust and dirt on the floor.

Stability Ball


The stability ball is a part of almost every gym nowadays. One can do a wide range of exercises on the stability ball. Also known as yoga ball, it offers you a variety of health benefits like recovery from injuries, sore muscles and strain.

The stability ball is used to perform the exercise like planks, situps, pushups, squats, ball pass, weight press, frog jumps, and back exercises. All these exercises use your body weight, and the stability ball makes the workout more intense. Even the doctors recommend exercising with a stability ball as it can help cure the muscle injuries and back problems. It improves the core stability, back and spine health, muscle balance and the body posture.

Final Words

The items mentioned above are the top fitness equipment that every home gym owner must have. You can also use spin bikes which help in reducing weight. you can find the Best spin bikes 2020 which can be placed in your home for use. The equipment listed in this post covers your fitness goals and offers you a complete body workout.

The elastic exercise bands help you to perform a complete body workout, and the mat provides you with a base to perform the workout at your home as well as at any outdoor place. The stability ball offers you to do the high-intensity exercises which help you to lose weight and gain strength quickly.

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