What is BiPAP Machine—How Can it Help COPD Patients?

Here is everything you need to know about the BiPAP machine, how it works for COPD patients, and why to use Deckmount VT 200 BiPAP.

Some medical problems can make breathing hard for you to breathe properly. In these cases, you may need additional support to help you breathe comfortably. Even for those with Sleep Apnea or any other condition, breathtaking is the first thing that can get affected. DME medical, like BiPAP or BPAP (Bilevel positive airway pressure), normalizes breathing by delivering pressurized air.

This air goes to the upper airways, leading directly to the lungs. The BiPAP machine pushes the air into your lungs. This small, easy-to-operate machine can also help a person with COPD for breathing. The machine often features a smart breath timer that adapts well to your respiratory patterns. Keep reading to learn more about how BiPAP can help COPD patients.

What is BiPAP in Detail?

BiPAP, also known as bi-level positive airway pressure, is a positive airway pressure machine. This machine is basically used to maintain a certain level of breathing pattern during the night for people with COPD.

The machine uses the air to a high level compared to the air in the room, and this helps patients dealing with COPD to take oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Patients enjoy comfortable breathing, either while they are sleeping or experiencing the symptoms.

BiPAP is a very commonly used non-invasive ventilation system, allowing a person to breathe through a mast attached to a machine. People using the machine and suffering from COPD will experience very quality sleep.

Many people dealing with the issues may not require to use a machine, and the device doesn’t fit suitable for every person. It is only suggested when a doctor recommends the patient use it.

Why One Needs to Use BiPAP?

BiPAP may help anyone who has a medical condition that results in improper breathing and one that impairs your breathing. If you or anyone you know is going through the conditions mentioned below. It is best to consult a doctor to ask if they can use the machine to improve their breathing. You may need the machine anytime if you are going through the:

  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma flare-up
  • Post-operation breathing difficulty
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
  • Neurological disease
  • Obesity syndrome

If you are dealing with the above condition, the best treatment is to take BiPAP. However, those with COPD often wonder if this is safe for them. Usually, Deckmount VT 200 BiPAP is suggested to restore oxygen levels.

How Effective is BiPAP for COPD?

When dealing with COPD, your sleep is likely affected the best. Shortness of breath is a common symptom, along with wheezing, which can worsen during the night. BiPAP is a productive therapy that targets dysfunctional breathing patterns. Using it adds a custom pressure air to inhale and a custom pressure as you exhale.

This DME medical machine is ideal and can provide relief so your chest and lung muscles are relaxed. Originally, the therapy was used to eliminate sleep apnea and worked very effectively. Your body relies on the central nervous system to help you breathe when you are asleep.

When asleep in a reclined position, you may notice your body being resistant when breathing. Depending upon the individualized needs, the therapy takes good care of the health and well-being of the patient.

It may limit social interaction and other things when using it in the daytime. Typically, the best time to use the machine is at night, when your airways are blocked the most while sleeping.

This machine aids in exchanging oxygen with carbon dioxide. A doctor may prescribe using this machine, usually at home or in the hospital; daily use of it can improve your sleep quality. BiPAP machines are also used in emergencies, as they boast oxygen levels and help patients with breathing difficulties.

Deckmount VT 200 BiPAP

Deckmount VT 200 Respirare BiPAP is one of the most renowned and suggested non-invasive ventilators. This model offers a comprehensive range of therapy modes with unique flexibility to blend with the unique patient’s condition. It also features RAMP for patients to have an easy therapy session. The ramp supports reaching a prescribed therapy level that gradually and comfortably provides oxygen and air.

With the help of a two-level pressure system, Deckmount VT 200 BiPAP regularizes the breathing problem well. Since both inhaling and exhaling require a different energy level, the machine produces the pressure accordingly into your airways.

You can breathe air properly and exchange carbon dioxide, enhancing your breathing pattern. Your lungs can transport oxygen more effectively while getting rid of carbon dioxide.

The Heated Humidification allows the therapy to be more comfortable for the patients and reduces the side effects of dry nose and throat. Patients can seamlessly maximize and minimize the inspiratory time limit with this machine.

The machine allows you to select the gender and offers 2 unique modes. There’s a leak compensation function, 20 alerts, and an auto-on-and-off feature.

Are there Any Side Effects of BiPAP?

Undoubtedly, BiPAP is considered to be very safe for your health. Since you are using it to restore your oxygen level and improvise your breathing, there can be a few side effects. Most of the problems are related to the facemask being stuck on your face for a long time.

It can be too tight or feel suffocating on your skin, resulting in damaged skin. If the mask is too loose, the pressurized air may leak from it, affecting your skin too.

Complications from BiPAP are very rare. But, it may seem to be an appropriate treatment not for all people but a selected few. Talking to a doctor about the risks and benefits is better since they will guide you on what is right and wrong for you. There are very rare cases of:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Throat
  • Dry Nose
  • Running Nose
  • Sinus Pain
  • Eye Irritation

What Therapy is Good for You?

Usually, working with a doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you is usually important. Your symptoms will help the doctor determine when it is ideal to suggest BiPAP therapy for you. Many people suffering from COPD will feel uncomfortable and breathless in their sleep.

Only in these cases would a doctor suggest you use the small machine but not completely rely on it for life. They can suggest a combination of medication and oxygen therapies that will work effectively in your case. When you are exploring the options, you need to ask your doctor.

  • Are there any alternatives to BiPAP?
  • Which machine is best suited for you?
  • Do you need it regularly or periodically?
  • What kind of lifestyle changes do I need to improve?
  • Is it the right therapy for me?


BiPAP can improve your sleep and enhance the quality of life for people dealing with COPD. Ultimately, the therapy you select will affect the way your lungs function and the best air you will get for your lungs.

Deckmount VT 200 BiPAP is an effective machine and has helped many patients. The use of it has improved the quality of life and sleep for people suffering from sleeping issues. Therefore, it is best to take advice from a doctor to know which situation is ideal for you.


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