What’s more preferable Electric Wheelchair or Standard Wheel?

You can get a variety of options when shopping for a wheelchair. There are standard wheelchairs, as well as powerchairs and electric wheelchairs that are powered by batteries. There are also manual wheelchairs, which are powered by the person that’s sitting in the chair. Your best option will depend on your physical situation and lifestyle.

If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair, you probably know the struggle of finding an appropriate balance between comfort and speed. There are a lot of options out there, but many of them aren’t great. But what are the differences between this type of wheelchair and a standard manual wheelchair? If you are confused between electric or standard wheelchairs, you must read this article.

Standard wheelchair vs. electric wheelchair – overview

The main motive of both wheelchairs is to help disabled or older adults in transportation and provide them with mobility and exposure. Exposure to sunlight will help older adults to get Vitamin D3. But the look and method of operation of both are different. A standard wheelchair, also known as a manual wheelchair, is a mobility wheelchair with a large rear wheel and a small front wheel. This wheelchair is designed to be pushed by a caretaker or manually propelled by a wheelchair person. This design lets the user reach the wheelchair’s rear wheel and push themselves by pushing the wheel.

On the other hand, an electric wheelchair, also known as a powered or motorized wheelchair, is a seating chair with wheels attached that is moved by a motor or battery, which is an electrically based power source. These types of wheelchairs are helpful for those who are unable to operate standard wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are also helpful for those who want to travel long distances with a wheelchair which is impossible to do with the standard wheelchair.

Benefits of the standard wheelchair

If you have a loved one or a friend who uses a wheelchair, you probably already know that standard wheelchairs are heavy, difficult to move, and often uncomfortable. If you have tried lifting one of these heavy pieces of metal, you know how hard it can be. Well, there’s a better way. Here are the benefits of the standard wheelchair-

  1. Long-lasting

You might think that standard wheelchairs are heavier than other types of wheelchairs, but weight cannot be the only cons. Standard wheelchairs have sturdy, long-lasting frames because of their steel construction.

  1. Low cost

Indeed, standard wheelchairs come with heavier parts. But the price of these heavier parts is comparatively lower than lightweight and electric wheelchairs. The cost of a standard wheelchair is $200 to $500, less than lightweight wheelchairs that come at $1,000 and up.

  1. Easy to operate

Standard wheelchairs are also easy to operate. Larger wheels on these wheelchairs make it simpler to push or propel the wheelchair. These wheelchairs are suitable for the user to propel himself or for a caregiver or attendant to push as a transport wheelchair.

Benefits of the electric wheelchair

If you’re disabled or elderly, you probably rely on a wheelchair to get around. You might not walk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get around your community, go shopping, or even travel from place to place. There are many benefits of the electric wheelchair and even more benefits to investing in one. Here are a few-

  1. Suitable for all

The electric or power wheelchair is suitable for all. You can find an electric wheelchair that meets your demands, regardless of weight or height. The power chairs have a simple joystick for comfortable control movement that may be adjusted to the degree of impairment. Many electric wheelchairs offer adjustment in height, reclining, leg space, and tilt. These wheelchairs are also suitable for those who do not have the upper strength to push manual wheels.

  1. More Accessible

Although it is not possible to go out with the standard wheelchair, you can use an electric wheelchair inside and outside, which means it has more accessible. In addition, electric chairs have a tight turning radius, making them perfect for maneuvering in tighter or small places.

Moreover, you can also get the freedom to reach new heights with these wheelchairs because Steep inclines and challenging terrain, which would discourage users from following a given path, are both instantaneously easier to access with these wheelchairs.

  1. Safe

Last but not least, an electric wheelchair can also be a safer option than a standard or manual wheelchair. For example, a manual wheelchair is considerably more likely to tip over than an electric wheelchair because of the lower center of gravity with the electric wheelchair. In addition, accidental rolling is prevented since braking and movement are much easier on uneven or rough terrain with these wheelchairs.

Top 3 factors to consider while choosing between electric and standard wheelchair

When you have to use a wheelchair, it’s not only a medical necessity. It also is a lifestyle change. In most cases, you’ll have to find a way to get around in a way that’s comfortable for you. Suppose you’re in the market for a new wheelchair; there are some things you need to consider. The following things will help you to choose between an electric or standard wheelchair-

  • Mobility – if you are looking for a wheelchair for mobility, a standard wheelchair is not a good option because it offers less mobility than an electric one and is unsuitable for long-distance travel. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs come with a battery and motor that make them drivable with less effort over a long distance.
  • Cost- indeed, electric wheelchairs have more mobility ability. But the cost is higher than a standard wheelchair. So, if you have a low budget, consider purchasing a standard wheelchair.
  • Comfort- electric wheelchair has more padding than a manual wheelchair because it is built for longer mobility. Manual chairs often have smaller seats and back cushions to make them easier to compact and carry. On the other hand, electric designs have equally distributed wheels and travel more effortlessly along level terrain. It means that electric mobility has more comfort than the manual one.


Choosing a wheelchair is a big decision. There are several factors to consider. However, selecting the correct type of wheelchair is more important. For some people, a standard wheelchair might be the best option. For others, an electric wheelchair might be better.

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